Careers Advice

The CEIAG (Careers Education, Information Advice and Guidance) that is delivered at The Blyth Academy is designed to enable students to become effective and independent career planners, who are able to make informed decisions in preparation for moving on to further and higher education, training and employment.

We aim to do this in several ways:

1) Self-development

  • Encouraging students to develop an understanding of themselves and the influences on them
  • Instilling an ethos of self- determination and self-improvement as a learner

2) Career Exploration

  • Learning about careers and the world of work through:
  • Attending North East Skills events and Careers Exhibitions
  • Work Experience

3) Career Management and Employability Skills

  • Making the most of careers information, advice and guidance
  • Handling the application and selection process

Work Related Learning is delivered through Work Experience in Year 10 and again in Year 12.

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