Hegartymaths Homework

Homework is an important part of your learning

It is every student's entitlement to receive homework to support them in their learning. Although the amount of homework will depend on the student's age, they should expect to receive homework from each subject they study regularly.

In mathematics students will be taught how to use Hegartymaths to become successful independent learners. Hegartymaths is a website where teachers will set specific tasks for their students, based upon work recently covered in class, or as preparation for new topics to be covered.

It is recommended that students aim to do at least 20 minutes each night, as this model of regular, short 'chunks' of revision will ensure longer-lasting understanding.

Following half termly assessments, all students will receive a personalised question-level analysis (QLA). This identifies the particular strengths and areas for a student to develop, and will refer to the specific Hegartymaths resources. Students should use the QLA as a way of tracking the progress they are making, and the independent work they have done.