Sociology is a popular subject at AS and A Level. The skills and knowledge you can acquire from the study of Sociology will equip you with a life-long understanding of the society in which we live. Sociology will offer you an insight into the social and cultural issues that you come across on a daily basis. It is designed to enhance your understanding of the society in which we live and to encourage you to think critically. More than once during the course you will find yourself asking Why? - Why do some people have so much and others so little? or why did young people feel the need to riot in 2011? By the end of the course you will have the knowledge to be able to explain some of the social issues that exist in society today.


Two examination papers at the end of Year 12

Paper 1- Education with Methods in Context - 1 hour 30 mins

- The role and functions of the education system including its relationship with the economy.

- The differing educational achievement in different social groups.

- Relationships and processes in schools.

- The significance of educational policies such as privatisation and marketisation.

- Applying sociological methods to the study of education.

Paper 2 - Research Methods and Topics in Sociology - 1 hour 30 mins

- The use of qualitative and quantitative methods.

- The distinction between primary and secondary data.

- The nature of social "facts" and the relationship between positivism and interpretivism.

- Theoretical, practical and ethical considerations when influencing choice of methods.

- Culture and identity including the socialisation process, the self and identity and the relationship between age, ethnicity and social class in contemporary society.

A Level Sociology

Three examination papers at the end of Year 13

Paper 1- Education with Theory and Methods - 2 hours

- As at AS with additional study of Sociological methods, perspectives and debates.

Paper 2- Topics in Sociology - 2 hours

- As at AS with the additional study of beliefs in society including:

--- Ideology, science and religion including both Christian and non-Christian religions

--- The relationship between social change and religious beliefs.

--- Religious organisations including cults, sects, denominations and churches.

Paper 3- Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods - 2 hours

- Social order and control

- The social distribution of crime

- The globalisation of crime

- Crime control, surveillance and prevention

- Sociological research methods, perspectives and approaches.