Promoting British Values

At The Blyth Academy we pride ourselves on promoting core British values through our teaching, community and ethos. We believe that these values are at the heart of our country's success and the key for unlocking our future potential.

Our values cascade all aspects of Academy life and help and inspire our students into becoming future productive citizens in a vibrant and exciting Britain.

Within the Academy British values are found throughout the curriculum but are specifically highlighted within Life and History lessons.

The academy has held student president elections in which every student and member of staff cast their vote, and has satellite groups for a range of areas of the Academy so that students can voice their opinions. In Sixth Form a Head Boy, Head Girl and their Deputies are elected on an annual basis.

Each week the Academy has a thought for the week which is displayed around the academy, is discussed in registration and highlighted in assemblies. This thought ties into a international and national calendar to include things such as World Mental Health Day, Black History Month and Holocaust Memorial day.

The British values which form part of our SMSC programme include:

  • Democracy: Promoting the rights and responsibilities of citizens in democratic Britain.
  • Liberty: Promoting the rights of British citizens in terms of freedom of speech, action, lifestyle, sexuality and religion.
  • Rule of Law: Promoting the need for all British citizens to value and adhere to laws set out by the British government.
  • Mutual Respect: Promoting the importance of respecting and embracing diversity of all people and communities in Britain / World.
  • Tolerance: Developing an understanding and appreciation of different religious groups and cultural practices.