Friends of Ridley Park

Friends of Ridley Park (Registered charity) - Ridley Park Gate project

Since 2017 The Blyth Academy has been working alongside the Friends of Ridley Park with a creative project. Friends of Ridley Park are a group of local people who are working to improve Ridley Park in Blyth and have been a registered charity since March 2018.

A mix of students from Year 7 up to Year 13 have been designing the main entrance gates for Ridley Park and two sets of totem pole style side entrances. The students have visited the group and the park to gain inspiration for their designs over the past year and provided lots of examples of how the gates could look. All designs have now been designed, finalised and submitted to the artist Stephen Lunn. The Friends of Ridley Park are currently sourcing funding in order to make the gates become reality and bring the students' designs to life.