The North East Ambition in Blyth!

19th Jun 2017

The North East Ambition in Blyth!

The Blyth Academy and The Blyth Quays Trust are working together on a project to reach out to children, young people and their parents and carers with an aspirational message about current and emerging education, employment and skills opportunities in our area.

Led by Mike Bell (Blyth Quays Trust Executive Headteacher) and Sarah Ramsden (The Blyth Academy Headteacher) we have set off on a series of events to raise awareness of these opportunities

We recently had one of those events at the Blyth Academy where parents, carers, teachers and children and young people heard from Andrew Mills (Enterprise Coordinator - NE LEP) about the employment and skills opportunities that are available now and will be coming in the future.

We also heard about careers with their basis in STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths - and particular STEM growth areas like Offshore and Renewable Energy, Manufacturing and Engineering, Creative and Digital Industries and Health and Care.

The Blyth Quays Trust and the Blyth Academy are already doing some great work around careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) and have some exciting, sectorally-based events coming up in July working with Sunderland Software City, the ORE Catapult, Port of Blyth, Blyth Tall Ships and Newcastle University

Whilst we are helping children and young people understand the opportunities that could be open to them when they leave school we also want parents and carers to know that many of these opportunities exist for them as well - right now - and that we can help them take the next steps if they were interested in the skills and jobs we talked about.

This innovative, whole system approach is being tested by the Project partners with a view to developing a CEIAG programme that collectively engages and enthuses children and young people, teachers, parents, carers and businesses to work together for the benefit of all.

The Blyth Academy and blyth quays trust Power Points combined

Parents and carers - if you are interested in finding out more and what further support is available in the area - contact your school and they will be pleased to help you with the next step.

Caroline Turner - The Blyth Academy

Ann Paxton - Malvin's Close Primary

Sheila Dixon - Morpeth Road Primary

Holly Rankin - Croftway Primary