Our Academy

At The Blyth Academy we are committed to providing a high class education for all our students. Our recent rapid drive for improvement means we are focused on every student achieving to the best of their abilities and being given the opportunity to raise their aspirations, in a safe and secure environment, through enjoyment and engagement.

We aspire to develop confident adults who are able to set challenging goals for themselves, which through hard work and determination we will help them to achieve.

Our Academy is at the heart of the community and our focus is to build strong links with all our stakeholders. We work closely with our partner schools to ensure smooth transition and to ensure all year 4, 5 and 6 students have an exciting and rewarding experience prior to joining in Year 7.

Our new Academy, with the support of the Northern Education Trust, has one clear academy rule which will enable us to ensure our students, parents and the community have the support, the care and the opportunities that they deserve.

The Governing Body play a key role in raising standards across the Academy. I am very pleased to share with you that Mr David Hall is our Chair of the Governing Body and is supported by a strong team of professional and experienced governors.

We know that our Academy is heading in the right direction and we welcome you to come and visit us, speak to staff and students and get a feel for what life at The Blyth Academy is really like.

Mr A Murphy



The Academy is sponsored by the Northern Education Trust which is a not-for-profit education charity, approved by the Department for Education to sponsor and oversee primary and secondary academies.

The Trust has vast experience of school improvement across the North of England and the achievement and welfare of children is at the heart of what it does.

The Trust knows that first class education gives young people life chances and choices, and their achievement and development is central to its vision.

The Trust family of academies has high expectations both for pupils and for the quality and breadth of their experiences. It believes in the best for all children regardless of their background. Its values mean that it is truly inclusive.

The purpose of the Northern Education Trust is to deliver continuously improving schools whatever their starting points. Its objective is for all of the Trusts academies to be at the forefront of international standards of excellence in educational provision and learning.

It is committed to the children and young people who attend its family of schools. They will be supported and challenged as individuals to achieve the best they can. The Trust is also committed to empowering the communities served by its schools, and helping their participation in bringing education alive for everyone.

The Trust will promote students potential and regards it as important to develop strong relationships with industry, commerce and higher education. It sees the development of bursaries, support for outdoor education and the promotion of jointly funded activities in the arts and sports as essential ingredients for its students' experience.