Academy Organisation

Below is a general overview of how staffing is structured at the Academy including the Senior Leadership Team, Middle Leaders, Heads of Year, Tutor and their responsibilities.

Academy Leadership Team

Miss. D Park - Principal

Mr. M Wood - Associate Principal

Mrs. R Davenport - Vice Principal (Deeps)

Miss. S Bartle - Vice Principal (Deeps)

Mrs. A Morrow - Assistant Principal (Inclusion & Safeguarding)

Mr. R Kirkby - Assistant Principal

Mrs. S Coathup - Assistant Principal (SENDco)

Mrs. S Minnikin - Business Manager

PastoralSupport Team

Mrs. A Taylor - Attendance/KS4 Pastoral Support

Mr. L Savory - Progress Leader

Miss. N Stephenson - Progress Leader

Mrs. A. Price - Progress Leader

Mrs. A Hayes - Progress Leader

Mrs L Thompson- Safeguarding and Child Protection

Mrs. J Hamilton - Attendance

AdditionalSupport Services

Mr. C Hunter - Site Manager