What our Parents say about us

Comments made by Parents

"My daughter has been so excited to get into school. Every day since she started it has been fantastic to see her so happy!"

"I never imagined my daughter would slot into high school so smoothly. She has moved to a completely new school and the transition has been so smooth I have barely noticed the move at all which has been so reassuring for me as a parent it has made me feel you must be doing it right."

"I am so impressed at the way my daughter has settled down to a full timetable of lessons that she has been able to tell me so much about when she gets home. My daughter said, and I quote. "Going to the academy has been the best thing that has happened for me ever!" This was so nice to hear. She is coming home so confident about being a pupil which again has given me a great deal of reassurance (I think I was worrying unnecessarily)."

"The school has been so welcoming during these first weeks of my daughter's first year. I have felt really comfortable going into school and I have noticed how helpful and concerned the staff are about keeping me up to date with my daughter's progress she is a gold student already!"