Progression And UCAS

For the last three years all of our year 13 students have achieved either a place at university, college, an apprenticeship or a job on leaving our Sixth Form. This is due to the expert guidance students receive and follow from the Sixth Form pastoral team.

Applying to University

Students apply to university through the UCAS system. We set an internal deadline of the final week of the winter term for all UCAS applications to be sent. This gives students the best chance of receiving offers for courses.

Students applying to study medicine or veterinary medicine/science and dentistry have an earlier October deadline.

More information on applying to University can be found at theUCAS website.

University choices

Things to consider when applying to university:

  • Do I want to study at a Russell Group University?
  • Do I want to move away or study locally?
  • Do I need to study any facilitating subjects at A Level to access my courses?
  • What career links does my chosen course have?

Other options at post 18

Many of our students progress to post 18 apprenticeships or employment. The key to achieving success in these applications is to carryout detailed career research and to apply early. Support with this is available through the tutor programme.

Sixth Form tutor programme

The tutor programme provides students with the information, advice and guidance needed to achieve success in Sixth Form and to progress to a destination at 18.

In year 12 students:

  • Study Key Information Set data (KIS) supporting them making informed choices.
  • Use unifrog to develop shortlists of potential courses and/or apprenticeships.
  • Plan a work experience placement which links to their aim at 18.
  • Are supported in accessing supported progression routes such as NU Entry, Partners and Leeds Access.
  • Eligible students can access Futures and the Social Mobility Foundation to gain further support in applying.
  • Begin writing UCAS applications
  • Receive guidance on writing a personal statement

In year 13 students:

  • Complete their personal statement and UCAS application. Those applying to University send these before the Christmas holidays.
  • Receive guidance on student finance and support in completing their finance application.
  • Take part in mock interviews where their course includes an interview.
  • Receive guidance on accepting/rejecting offers, including conditional/unconditional offers, firm and insurance offers.
  • Receive final one to one guidance, including on the use of clearing if needed.

Useful Links

NU Entry

Leeds Access

Newcastle University Partners Programme

Social Mobilty Foundation