Uniform and Equipment

Uniform and Equipment

Students must wear full Academy uniform at all times when they are within the Academy or on an Academy visit, unless otherwise stated.

All Students

Plain grey blazer with Academy badge
Plain white school shirt with Academy tie
Plain black leather shoes or boots with no obvious decoration (no trainers or plimsolls).
Students may wear winter footwear to travel to and from the academy but must bring suitable footwear to change into on arrival.

Boys Only

Plain black tailored trousers

Girls Only

Plain black tailored trousers or a plain black skirt worn no shorter than just above the knee, respectable and business-like. Leggings or skinny jeans are not permitted.


Academy Jumper (this must be worn with the blazer not instead of the blazer)

Uniform Guidance

Outdoor Coats, hats, scarves and gloves must be removed on entry to the building.

Hoodies and baseball caps/hats cannot be worn around the Academy.

Trousers should not be tucked into boots.

Blazers must be worn on the corridors but can be removed in class with the teachers permission and at lunch particularly during hot weather.

Jumpers can be worn with the blazer but not instead of the blazer.


All students must have a school bag with their Planner, pen, pencil, eraser and ruler.

PE Kit

Academy PE kit must be worn for all practical PE lessons

Custom PE Kit


No Jewellery - including necklaces, bracelets, broaches, rings or ear rings.

Piercings and tattoos - All other forms of piercing and tattoos are not permitted.

Hair Styles

Hair styles must be simple and any hair colouring must look natural.

The Academy does not permit hairstyles that reflect the extremes of fashion - unnatural or extravagant colours, extensions, beads or designs cut into the hair are not permitted.


The Academy does not allow excessive use of make-up in particular bright lipstick, mascara and thickened or false eye lashes.

Students not in full Academy uniform will not be permitted to attend mainstream lessons.

Parents/Carers will be asked to give assurance that their child will comply with the Academy's rules and regulations.